Where to go in 2017 – The Experts Guide

    where to go in 2017

    Choosing your next holiday destination isn’t easy, the flicking through endless travel magazines, the hours spent watching unrealistic guides on youtube and listening to the contrasting opinions from friends on a certain destination can become a real chore, so to make your life easier we decide to ask some travel experts where to go in 2017.

    Sit back & get your bank cards at the ready because because you may just be about to book your next trip !

    Tom McLoughlin – seotravel.co.uk

    where to go in 2017
    Temple in Bali Indonesia

    “I’d love to visit Bali in 2017. It’s been on the list for a while and every time I see photos of it I get more intrigued! The mix of beautiful greenery, stunning beaches and marine life and laid back Balinese culture sounds like my dream trip! I’ve only sampled Thailand and Burma in Asia so far and have heard a lot of great things about Bali from friends who have been. It seems to have the perfect mix of everything, from mountain scenery with beautiful green countryside where you can be very active and do lots of trekking, to relaxing by the beach and crystal clear waters with cocktail in hand.

    where to go in 2017
    Singapore skyline at the Marina during twilight.

    To turn it into my absolute dream trip then I’d try to pair it with a stop off in Singapore for a city break. As a huge Formula 1 buff, if we could hit Singapore first for the Grand Prix and then hop along to Bali for a couple of weeks that would be ideal. The Planet Earth series has also whet my appetite for Singapore more than I’d previously thought, with some incredible looking places to visit there (like the Garden by the Bay) given it’s really just a big city.”

    Jess Davies – michaelpaulholidays.co.uk

    where to go in 2017
    Duncansby Head near John O’ Groats in Scotland

    “We’ve gone for a slightly unusual choice as our top 2017 holiday destination. John O’Groats is situated at the most Northerly point of the Great British mainland and often overlooked in favour of destinations in Southern Scotland such as Loch Lomond or Edinburgh. However, this underrated location has a wealth of new experiences to offer the modern traveller.

    See the iconic coastal stacks at Duncansby Head, enjoy long walks along deserted beaches and spend your nights star gazing. With little to no light pollution, the night skies provide an amazing spectacle like you’ve never seen before. If you’re lucky, during the winter months you’ll be able to see the aurora borealis, an incredible lightshow caused by electrically charged particles. During the day, you can take a rib wildlife safari boat and discover the regions remarkable aquatic creatures such as dolphins, minke whales and seals.

    John O’Groats is a fantastic gateway from which to explore the 70 Orkney islands. You can catch the ferry from the mainland or charter your own boat. Each island boasts its own attractions and in July and August puffins come to nest and lay their eggs. Thanks to the recent launch of the North Coast 500, John O’Groats is beginning to get more recognition and becoming a firm highlight of the route. We believe that John O’Groats offers the opportunity to see and do things you never have before which is why it is our top pick.”

    Sarah Ebner – familytraveltimes.co.uk

    where to go in 2017
    Quebec City, Canada

    “We’re travelling to Canada, to Montreal and Quebec City, and then to New York, next year and we can’t wait. I have never been to Canada and love the idea of finding out more about such a beautiful country, especially the history on show in Quebec City. When it comes to New York, it’s one of my favourite cities in the world, but I’ve never taken my kids! I can’t wait to show it off to them – and to catch up with my friends who live in Manhattan.”

    Macca Sherifi – abritandabroad.com

    where to go in 2017
    Al Khazneh – the main sign of ancient site of Petra. Jordan.

    “We’re tipping Jordan to be a really popular place to visit again next year – it’s one of those destinations that more and more people seem to be talking about, and with sites such as Wadi Rum, Petra, Jerash and the Dead Sea, it’s easy to understand why. Also, New Zealand is going to be an amazing place to visit in the summer of 2017 with the Lion’s rugby tour. New Zealand is the Mecca of world rugby so the whole country is going to be buzzing with this event.

    where to go in 2017
    Mt. Fuji with fall colors in Japan.

    Where we want to go in 2017 – For us, we really want to visit Japan next year. We’ve always been so fascinated by Japan – with it’s bright and busy cities to the temples of Kyoto to the stunning scenery of Mount Fuji, there’s just so much to see and do in the country. Also, we love a challenge and we love trying new things, so Japan offers an array of new “delicacies” to try! Hopefully we can show people what we get up to along the way too!”

    Olein Webster – www.diamondtravel.ltd.uk

    where to go in 2017
    Vintage cars near the Capitol, Havana. Cuba.

    “I think Cuba will be popular, especially as relations with the USA seem to be thawing – so go now, before it loses its unique atmosphere.  Trips to the Northern Lights are increasing, so I’m expecting people to look for different places to view the Lights – not just Iceland and Lapland, maybe Greenland and Canada?  More cruises to see the Lights rather than land-based holidays.  Holidays based around people’s interests are set to increase – with experiences rather than beaches.  In 2017, with our love of music we’ll be travelling to the USA – we’re doing an escorted tour of music cities, including Detroit, Chicago, Memphis, Nashville and New Orleans.  Another interest of ours is food and wine!!  Therefore our second holiday is a river cruise on the Rhone in France.  After a recent trip to India, I’d also like to encourage more holidays to this huge country.  Lots to explore – from noisy and lively cities like Delhi and Mumbai, to relaxing beaches in Goa, hunt tigers with your cameras, walk in the foothills of the Himalayas.  However no first trip to India should miss the Taj Mahal, it’s more beautiful than any picture.”

    Paola Fiocchi Van den Brande – passepartout-homes.com

    where to go in 2017
    Remote church with red roofing on cliff, Greece

    “There are always going to be those popular destinations, which year after year get booked up months in advance. Think about the Cote d’Azur, the Provence, the Greek islands, Spanish coastal towns or the Algarve. 

    But for us 2017 will be a year in search of memorable, life-time experiences. Clients will look for destinations which not only provide beautiful landscapes or relaxation but offer an unforgettable journey into the local culture. Travellers will be seeking authentic experiences and personal enrichment. The UN has declared 2017 the International Year for Sustainable Tourism, which will have an impact on travellers choices and awareness of the issues affecting our planet.

    where to go in 2017
    Sunrise at Angkor Wat Temple, Siem Reap, Cambodia

    As Canada will be celebrating 150 years, I am sure this will be among the top 5 global destinations in 2017. Our best places to travel in 2017 include Cambodia, where you can choose among an enviable list of eco-friendly resorts and vacation rentals; the region of Salento in Puglia, Italy, chosen by Flavio Briatore, with reason, for his new Billionaire Club; and Brazil, enjoying the benefits of the  Olympic Games just passed. Next year I will be, as always, traveling in search of new, authentic villas for Passepartout Homes, which will take me as far as the Maldives, where luxury holiday villas are being built for those in search of more privacy, space and flexibility.”


    Gracie Davies – leboat.co.uk

    where to go in 2017
    Pont Valentre, a 14th-century six-span fortified stone arch bridge crossing the Lot River to the west of Cahors in Lot, Midi-Pyrenees, France.

    “our top destination for 2017 is the River Lot, a hidden gem in the mid-south of France that is fast becoming the place to go for those in the know.”

    Gretta Schifano – mumsdotravel.com

    where to go in 2017
    Nyhavn in Copenhagen, Denmark

    “In 2017 I’m going to Copenhagen for the first time, and I’m really looking forward to it. I’m going with my husband, without our kids, and so we’ll be able to spend as long as we like checking out the city’s museums and cultural attractions. I know that Copenhagen has a fantastic foodie scene, and we’ll really enjoy experiencing that.  We may hire bikes while we’re there, as I’ve heard that it’s a great place to explore on two wheels.”

    View SkyParkSecure’s Copenhagen Guide Here

    Max Hepworth-Povey – tickettoridegroup.com

    where to go in 2017
    Costa Rica Gandoca-Manzanillo National Wildlife Refuge

    “Costa Rica is a beautiful country and a place that you have to visit, to understand, appreciate and feel pure life; Pura Vida. Pura Vida is the national saying, it means pure life, which basically means love; love to the land, the ocean, the environment and the people. That’s a lot of love and we have a lot of love for Costa Rica too.

    where to go in 2017
    Panorama of the tea plantations at sunset – Sri Pada peak in the background

    Sri Lanka is an exotic paradise, boasting breath-taking beauty, raw wildlife, colourful cuisine and fascinating culture. It is also home to some of the friendliest people you will ever meet. Whether it’s the sunrise surfing in World Famous Arugam Bay, sunset surf sessions in Mirissa, climbing awe-inspiring Adam’s Peak, or visiting the fascinating tea plantations, monesteries, temples in the Hill Country, Sri Lanka will have your heart.”

    Abigail King – insidethetravellab.com

    where to go in 2017
    New York City

    “2017 sees me planning a road trip through the USA – complete with new baby in tow. Why? Well, nothing has put America on the map like the election of 2016. It showed me just how much there is to learn about the place, to try to understand what makes it tick. I’m looking forward to taking in great sweeping landscapes, cool cities and quirky history – all with an inquisitive eye.”

    Victoria – bridgesandballoons.com

    where to go in 2017
    Beautifull Godafoss waterfall in Iceland

    “In 2017, I’m desperate to go to Iceland. I’m dreaming of wild landscapes, bathing in the Blue Lagoon, chasing the aurora, and road tripping around the country’s ring road.” 

     Check out SkyParkSecure’s Guide to the Golden Circle, Iceland 



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