5 Things To Do in Alcudia, Majorca

    Why I Chose Alcudia, Majorca for a holiday

    Alcudia is a holiday resort in Majorca that’s set to be more popular than ever for summer 2019.

    Due to the warm weather, fantastic eateries, friendly locals and relaxed atmosphere, it attracts everyone from young couples to whole families.

    To help you plan your trip, we’ve put together this guide on things to do in Alcudia, Majorca.

    And it’s all from first-hand experience, as you can see from the video below!

    Activities in Alcudia, Majorca

    We’re easygoing, but we don’t like doing the same thing all week. Holidays like that can get boring fast! One of the things that attracted us to Alcudia was the wide range of things to see and do.

    Relax on Amazing, Sandy Beaches

    When we felt like a lazy day sunbathing, we headed to the beach. It has a relaxing atmosphere and is surrounded by little cafes where you can grab a bite to eat.

    Explore the Local Culture

    We also visited the Old Town to soak up some culture and local life.

    We enjoyed walking round the narrow streets, marvelling at parts of the town from 1300, and we spent a day walking round the local market where friendly stall-owners displayed a range of souvenirs, trinkets, food and clothing.

    We also visited the old bell tower and church before stopping off at a nearby restaurant to tuck into some mouth-watering fish. It was so fresh it must have been caught hours before!

    These towers stand as the main entrance to the Old Town of Alcudia, Majorca

    Whizz Down a Water Slide

    Now to inject some fun and excitement into the holiday at the island’s water park!

    You can have a great time on the zooming slides, then wind down in the wave pool afterwards.

    We rented a couple of sun loungers and caught some rays whilst eating a packed lunch — delicious local breads and cheeses!

    The slippery water slides of Alcudia Hidropark

    Nightlife in Alcudia, Majorca

    Alcudia is the kind of resort that attracts a family-friendly crowd, so it’s not as popular with the clubbing scene as somewhere like Magaluf.

    However, there is a good selection of cool bars and clubs that are open into the small hours, as I found out for myself.

    Average Food & Drink Prices in Alcudia

    Local beer (500ml draught)€1.50
    Imported beer (500ml draught)€3
    Wine (175ml glass)€2.50
    Main meal€8.50
    Alcudia Majorca Bananas Disco Complex
    Banana Club, Alcudia

    Best Club in Alcudia, Majorca

    We found the Banana Club while walking along the Alcudia Port.

    Because of its popularity with the locals rather than with tourists, it had a different vibe to many of the bars around town. The focus was on dancing and having fun rather than drinking as much as possible.

    We absolutely loved the atmosphere and will be heading here again on our next visit.

    Alcudia Marina

    Best Place for Bars & Restaurants

    When we wanted a more chilled night, we headed to the Alcudia Marina. It’s a great little area with lots of choice.

    Enjoy fresh fish at a restaurant or have a chat with friends in a trendy bar. The view is spectacular at night with the combination of the lights and the parked boats making the marina one of the most picturesque places in the whole of Alcudia.

    Weather in Alcudia

    From June to September, the temperature averages between 27°C and 30°C. We found it to be a bit windier than expected, so it can be chilly on cloudy days. However, it’s also great for cooling down after too much sun!

    Thankfully for us, it was sunny for the entire week and we were able to really top up our tans!

    Remember to check the weather before you go so you know what to pack!

    Getting to Alcudia, Majorca

    Our hotel!

    We got a flight from Manchester Airport in the afternoon, which took 2 hours and 40 minutes.

    Once we’d gone through security and got all of our bags from the carousel, we hopped onto our pre-booked bus transfer. The time it takes to get from the airport to your hotel will depend on the size of bus you are on, as more drop-offs will obviously mean the journey will take longer.

    As a rule of thumb, I would say you can expect to be on the coach for 60–90 minutes.

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