How to Save Money on Birmingham Airport’s Set-Down Fees

    Birmingham Airport’s various drop-off charges are causing quite a stir.

    Their regular drop-off area is around 10-minutes’ walk from the terminal, and offers up to 30 minutes for free.

    However, if you want to be dropped off directly outside the terminal, you’ll have to pay for the privilege.

    The tariff starts at £3 and rapidly goes up from there:

    Birmingham Airport Premium Drop-Off Charges

    0–15 minutes£3
    15–20 minutes£8
    20–25 minutes£13
    25–30 minutes£18
    30–35 minutes£23
    35–40 minutes£28
    40–45 minutes£33
    45–50 minutes£38
    50–55 minutes£43
    55–60 minutes£48
    Each additional 15-min slot£5

    Asking friends or family members has often been seen as a cheaper alternative to parking in the past, however with such high drop-off prices across the UK airports, this may no longer be the case. Particularly if you’re likely to get stuck in traffic or amongst roadworks, further extending your time on airport grounds.

    Let’s take a look at one example.

    I could get my friend to drive me up to Birmingham Airport today and risk spending anywhere up to £48 for the pleasure of being dropped off.


    I could head to in advance, or even on my phone in the car, pop in the date I’m travelling, and add the promo code COMPARE.

    And what do you know…

    I could book parking for an entire day for a fifth of the airport’s 60-minute drop-off charge!

    That’s 24 hours parking for less than it costs for a meal in the terminal. You’ll be free to say your goodbyes without worrying about running out of time.

    Of course, this method does require at least one of you to get a free shuttle bus, so if you’re not keen on that idea, you could always park in one of the airport’s own car parks instead.

    When we tried it out, again using promo code COMPARE, we got a price of £20.24, which is actually half the £41 price tag if you book direct.

    So you get the freedom to take as long as you need — at a fraction of the premium drop-off price, in essentially the same location!

    Of course, if you’re really desperate to spend as much cash as possible, you can always be met at the terminal and have your car parked for you:

    But that may be a bit overkill!

    So whether you fancy just driving yourself, or you want to avoid the risk of being overcharged when being dropped off, always book ahead with SkyParkSecure!

    *All prices were calculated for a full day’s stay in November.