Ryanair Baggage Charges: How to Avoid Extra Fees

Ryanair’s baggage policy means that if you’re just taking hand luggage on your flight, it’ll have to conform to a very particular set of dimensions.

Ryanair has become notorious for offering cheap flights to travellers but charging through the nose for almost everything else, including many things that other airlines offer free of charge.

To minimise your spending once you get to the airport, here’s how to avoid some of the most popular Ryanair extra charges, including Ryanair’s baggage costs.

Extra Baggage Fees/Ryanair Priority Boarding Charge

The information in this video was correct at the time of publishing (26th Nov 2018).

The subject of much discussion online, Ryanair’s baggage fees have been steadily increasing over the last few years.

And in 2019, they have been quietly raised once several times.

Previously passengers were able to bring one small bag into the cabin, and another larger bag to go in the hold, all free of charge. Then to “improve punctuality and reduce boarding gate delays” the policy changed so that there would now be a fee for this larger bag.

Here’s how Ryanair baggage policy works in 2019:

You can take one “small personal bag” into the cabin, as long as it fits under the seat in front. Ryanair defines a small personal bag as 40cm x 20cm x 25cm.

Ryanair Priority Boarding costs between £6 and £12. Known as Priority Booking & 2 Cabin Bags, you’re also permitted to bring an additional 10kg bag (55cm x 40cm x 20cm) into the cabin for no extra cost. However, be aware that Ryanair Priority Boarding is capped at 95 out of 189 passengers per flight for space reasons.

The alternative is to pay to have this extra 10kg bag checked in to the hold. If you select this option at the time of booking, it will cost you between £10 and £17.50, however if you choose to do this after booking the price can be anything up to £25.

Larger checked-in luggage (20kg) costs £25–£35 per bag at the time of booking, or £40 post-booking.

There’s no public announcement on why the cost fluctuates, but when we reached out to Ryanair, they simply said that “the fee will depend on the flight date and route.”

Please note that these prices apply for each way of your journey, so prepare to double the prices if you’re flying out and then returning home with extra bags both ways.

There are a few exceptions to the policy. These include:

  • Duty Free purchases, which can be brought into the cabin along with your hand luggage. We reached out to Ryanair and they confirmed that there is no limit to the amount of duty free bags you can bring aboard.
  • A baby changing bag up to 5kg.
  • Medical items, providing you’ve contacted Ryanair’s special assistance line in advance.
  • If you have reduced mobility and have pre-booked airport special assistance, you will be able to carry both pieces of your cabin baggage into the cabin with you.

How to Avoid the Ryanair Baggage Fees:

Make sure everything you’ll need in the air will fit into a bag sized 35cm x 20cm x 20cm, opt not to bring a second bag if possible and make Ryanair aware in advance if you need special assistance/medical equipment.

And check out our post on The Best Bags to Beat Ryanair’s Baggage Allowance.

Check-In Charge

As of 13th June 2018, you can no longer check in for free four days before your flight.

Instead, the check-in time has gone down to between 48 hours and 2 hours before departure.

If you don’t check in within this reduced window, you’ll be charged £55 per person! And Ryanair don’t allow you to check-in at the airport normally, so if you happen to forget to check in before you arrive, expect to pay an extra £220 for a family of four!

Of course, you can purchase one of Ryanair’s infamous add-ons to avoid this. A seat reservation will set you back between £4 and £15 and will allow you to check-in up to 60 days before departure.

A Ryanair spokesperson said: “This is more than double the 24-hour check-in period operated by British Airways, Lufthansa, Norwegian and Iberia. This will give reserve seat customers more time to select their preferred seats prior to departure.”

What they don’t mention is that all of those airlines enable you to check in when you get to the airport for free.

How to Avoid to the Check-In Charge

Set a reminder in your calendar or phone for two days before your flight and make sure you check-in there and then.

Boarding Card Re-Issue Fee

As well as having to check in online, you’re also required to either print out your boarding card, or use the Ryanair app to check-in.

If you opt to print out your boarding card and then forget it, the page is damaged, the print-out is of poor quality, or part of the page is missing (including the advert), you’ll be forced to pay a £20 boarding card re-issue fee.

How to Avoid to the Re-Issue Fee

The easiest way is to check-in using the Ryanair app.

Name Change Fee

If you spell your name in any way other than how it appears on your passport, or if you want to transfer the ticket over to someone else, you’re looking at paying Ryanair’s most expensive charge by far.

If you realise before getting to the airport, you can make the change online for £110. But if you get all the way to the airport and then have to change a name, you’re looking at a whopping £160!

How to Avoid to the Name Change Fee

Check and double check everything before you make your Ryanair booking. If you do need to change it later, it might even be cheaper to book an entirely new flight.

Allocated Seating Charges

If you wish, you can select your preferred seat online up to two hours before you fly.

There are three different fees depending on what kind of seat you want:

  • Standard Seats from £4.00
  • Front Seats from £13.01
  • Extra Legroom Seats from £15.00

If you’re happy to sit anywhere, you can check-in as normal and a seat will be selected for you. However, if you want to guarantee you’re sat with whoever you’re travelling with, you’ll have to pay £4 per person to do this.

Parents flying with children under 12 are required to pay for allocated seating.

How to Avoid Allocated Seating Charges

If you don’t mind being separated from your group, you can be randomly allocated a seat but will most likely be sat with strangers.

Fees For Children

If you’re travelling with a child that’s less than 2-years-old, they are permitted to sit on your lap for the flight and you’ll be provided with an infant seat belt. This will cost you £25.
However, if your child turns 2 while you’re away, they’ll be subject to the usual adult fare, taxes, fees and charges for the return flight.

You are able to bring two items of baby equipment for each child free of charge. This includes one pushchair and a car seat, booster seat or travel cot.

Any further pieces of infant equipment will cost you £15 per item.

How to Avoid Fees for Children & Equipment

Try to avoid going away during your child’s second birthday and ensure you only need to bring a pushchair and a seat or cot aboard.


  1. I am 80 yrs old and have been travelling with Ryanair for many years. I don’t mind booking priority seat but have great difficulty getting my luggage on board and putting it in the overhead locker. If I book priority do I have to bring my bag on board. I also have booked trips for Jan, and Feb. How does this affect my having luggage as I have already played for my bookings

  2. Have searched now for about an hour. Where do I buy this 40 x 20 x 25 cm bag?
    Seems not to be available on the Ryanair homepage at the moment.

  3. Quote…
    However only 95 out of 189 passengers per flight will be permitted to bring their bag aboard for space reasons. (FOR FREE FOR PRIORITY PAID PASSENGERS EVEN IF IN HOLD?)

    The alternative (AS A PRIORITY PAYING PASSENGER?) is to pay £8 (IN ADDITION TO £6 PRIORITY?)at the time of booking or £10 after booking to have this extra 10kg bag checked in to the hold.


    Sorry not at all clear.

  4. Hi Maureen, as far as we’re aware from November onwards you can bring one bag for the cabin and one for the hold. So if you can fit everything into your larger hold bag, it would eliminate you needed to bring any bags on board. However, it might be worth contacting Ryanair to see what kind of special assistance they can offer you in terms of help bringing your bags aboard.

    Ryanair has stated that the new policy will apply to all flights from 1st November onwards, regardless of when they were booked, unfortunately.

  5. Hi Gabriel, sorry if the wording is a bit confusing, I’ll try to clarify a bit here and in the article itself.

    Passengers who have paid for priority booking will be able to bring a second bag into the cabin for free. However, priority booking is capped at 90 passengers.

    Non-priority customers can opt to pay extra to have their second bag put in the hold. This is £8 at the time of booking or £10 after booking.

    Hope that’s cleared up the confusion!

  6. Hi Wendy, as far as we’re aware priority booking entitles you to bring your bag into the cabin. If you wish to place a bag in the hold you will be required to pay the charge for this.

  7. I made Reservation MU3CVC (Frankfurt to Corfu) on 9/8/2018 using the “Flexi Plus” option given I was connecting from overseas with a long haul flight with plenty of luggage. At the time of the purchase the relevant information page was indicating that the 20Kg baggage was indeed included. When I tried to check in at Frankfurt airport on 11/09/210 I was extremely surprised that I was asked to pay 50 Euros for the 20Kg allowance – Your employees were referring to an ambiguous police change – which I cannot locate on your website. What I was able to find is that you removed the 20Kg allowance from the “Flexi Plus” however you still provide it for the “Plus”. However, at the time of my booking “Flexi Plus” was also eligible for 20Kg !

  8. What is the further pieces of infant equipment? According to the buggage policy, it can be up to 20kg and will cost less than a normal 20kg baggage.

  9. From Ryanair’s website:

    “You can bring any infant equipment you need. You can carry 2 items of baby equipment free of charge per child – 1 pushchair plus one of the following items: car seat or booster seat or travelcot.

    “On arrival at the airport the 2 free items of baby equipment can be tagged for travel at a Bag Drop Desk, which close 40 minutes before the scheduled flight departure time


Children’s pushchairs can be used up to the aircraft steps and after landing the pushchair will be available at the aircraft steps (provided local conditions permit this).

    “There are baby changing facilities onboard located at the rear of the aircraft. Cabin crew can warm baby bottles if required.

    “Other items of baby equipment in addition to the 2 free items can be checked-in upon payment of an Infant/Child Equipment Fee (maximum weight 20 kgs).

    “There is no cabin baggage allowance for infants sitting on an adult’s lap or infants aged 8 days to 23 months who are seated in an extra comfort seat. However a baby bag up to 5kg can be carried by the accompanying adult in addition to their own cabin bag.

    “Infants over the age of 1 who are sitting in their own seat have a FREE 10kg baggage allowance as well as a small second bag, they also get the option to purchase a checked-in bag.”

  10. I’m booked non priority for flights 25th September my small suitcase won’t fit under the seat in front and I wasn’t planning to bring a second smaller bag anyway but if my ‘suitcase’ now has to go into the hold does this mean in flights before November 1st still get them free or do I have to pay? If that the case then I may as well bring a second bag small enough to fit under the seat in front as this is the only one free?
    If I have to pay for my tiny suitcase to go into the hold I would prefer to pay before I leave.

  11. Hi EM,

    Since you’re flying before 1st November, you’re able to take one small item of hand luggage (35cm x 20cm x 20cm) into the cabin for free, and another larger case (55cm x 40cm x 20cm, maximum weight 10kg) into the hold, also for free.

  12. Hi..me and my girlfriend recently traveled Ryanair from Cardiff to faro..we only took one hold bag each,non priority,under 10kg..we were told we couldn’t put them in the hold at checkin but they will be taken from us at the gate instead ..as we got to security we realised our bags would be scrutinised as cabin luggage..we had to then throw away most of our toiletries to fit the small plastic bags!..worryingly In the confusion I had forgotten about some potentially dangerous items I had packed in my hold bag for eventualities e.g..4 inch scissors! And a multi tool with a 3inch blade!!..both sailed through the exray machine unchallenged..I had to then beg the Ryan air ground crew at the gate to put the bag in the hold as I was so worried..at any point I could have carried the items aboard un checked!!..WTF!!

  13. I have been using Ryanair for many years and am quite happy to pay the £6/£8 for a 10 kilo bag but it isn’t being offered to me. I presumed that this is because all the priority seats had gone on the outgoing flight I want but I did a dummy booking for Feb 2019 and got the same boxes to click on i.e. no 10 kilo bag box. Am I missing something? How do I book the 10 kilo bag? I am travelling out in October and back in November.

  14. Confused about the infant baggage allowances. I need to know if my 2 year old daughter (which I have paid a seat and fee for) is entitled to her own small sized carry on bag, and as she is older than 23 months (which is all I can seem to find on the website) can I bring her changing bag up to 5kg for her? as well as my own small hand luggage bag? Or is this only allowed for children under 23months? Thanks

  15. If you have paid for a seat for your daughter, she will be entitled to her own allowance of hand luggage and checked luggage as you are. However I would err on the side of caution and include the changing bag within this allowance.

  16. I am very confused. I have flights booked 23rd November to Malta. They just include one small bag. I want to upgrade but can not decide if Priority with two cabin bags or non Priority with a 10KG bag is best. I even phoned Ryanair and the guy had no idea himself on new baggage measurements or weights. So if Priority are the two cabin bags 40x25x20 if so what weight or is one bag larger. If 10kg bag non priority what are the measurements? Please please can someone clarity

  17. Hi Caron,

    With Priority booking you can bring into the cabin a small bag (40cm x 20cm x 25cm) and a 10kg bag (55cm x 40cm x 20cm). Additionally, any larger checked luggage can weigh up to 20kg per bag, and will cost you £25 per bag at the time of booking, or £40 per bag after booking.

    If non-priority, you can bring a small bag (40cm x 20cm x 25cm) into the cabin. If you have a 10kg bag (55cm x 40cm x 20cm), you can pay £8 at the time of booking or £10 after booking to have this extra 10kg bag checked in to the hold. Additionally, any larger checked luggage can weigh up to 20kg per bag, and will cost you £25 per bag at the time of booking, or £40 per bag after booking.

    Hope this helps,


  18. Rab harvey. . I’m paying for one 20kg bag and paying for my seat do I still have to payfor a 10kg bag or does it go in the hold free

  19. Hi Rab,

    If you’ve paid for priority booking your 10kg bag will be free to come into the cabin. If not, you’ll need to pay £10 to have it checked into the hold.

  20. One thing I didn’t understand from their website

    They state a picture with 3 small bag sizes:
    -CURRENT Small Bag (35x20x20cm)
    -NEW Small Bag (40x20x25cm)
    -NEW Permitted Bag Sizer (42x20x30cm)

    What is this “NEW Permitted Bag Sizer” thing? It means we’re allowed to bring a small bag that are bigger than expected?

  21. I am still not sure re car booster seats – can i take these free of charge for my 2 children aged 7 and 10 years so not infants or would these be classed as their hand luggage?

  22. Hi Tiago,

    the bag sizer is just what you will have to fit your small bag inside. Keep your bag to the 40x20x25cm measurements.

  23. Hi Christine,

    Ryanair specifically mention booster seats for infants rather than older children, so I would advise speaking with them directly on this matter prior to your flight.

  24. I booked a flight from Stansted to Knock 1/11/2018 and return on 4/11/2018 and decided yesterday to add a bag to my booking. I clicked on the £8 per flight charge for this expecting to be either per flight or for the 2 flights. However the confirmation email came I was charged £20.99 for only the 1 flight out and not the flight back with no indication of this being what I would be charged until I got the confirmation. I just wanted the 1 extra cabin bag to take and bring back with the 1 small bag allowance. I tried to work out the system before booking but was totally confused mainly by the lack of information on what I was booking. I have already spoke to ryan air at length on the chat line and got nowhere. I was told these were seperate bookings but it was only one booking for the 2 flights with support my holidays and no support their either they told me to contact Ryan air which I had done already so going round in circles and all I wanted was 1 extra bag in addition to the free bag allowance for which I have now paid an extra £20.99 and I can not bring the bag back unless I pay another £20.99 for the flight back I would also like to know why Ryan air can quote a fee of £8 then take £20.99

  25. I was looking to book a flight to Barcelona over 8 months away and also found that Priority seating was greyed out and unavailable.I went to live chat and was told it means all priority seats were gone.That means all 95 priority seats booked.But if you choose Plus fare( which doubles the price of each flight) you can choose your seats for both legs.I experimented with randomly selected dates and found Priority unavailable on all.Anyone else think this is a deliberate policy?

  26. I am travelling to Faro in February. I will check in my large suitcase in the hold but want to take my small bag containing photographic equipment into the cabin. It is bigger than the new 40x20x25 size but would just fit into the new sizer which is 42x20x30. How do I guarantee that I would be allowed to take the bag into the cabin as I cannot allow delicate photographic equipment to be put into the hold.

  27. With Ryanair priority boarding bringing 2 bags on. A wheely bag and a smaller bag for under seat. Does the total weight of both bags have to be 10kg or just the wheelie bag have a 10kg limit and no limit on the smaller bag??

  28. Im going away in December this year have paid for priority boarding but want to know can i take another 10kg bag and check it in for the £10

  29. you can have a small bag with priority weighing 10kg to carry on board for £6, and exactly same bag in hold for £8. Why the difference in price?
    Also 20kg hold bag price has been increased by 60%, from £25 to £40, so for a return flight that is additional £80. And they have the cheek to say how they are making things better for customers! they are scamming, lying and thieving as much as they can get away with. I am disgusted.

  30. Hi Peter,

    I would advise contacting Ryanair directly on this one as they do state 40cm x 20cm x 25cm is the small personal bag size, which is slightly larger than the previous measurements.

  31. Hi D Rossie,

    The extra bag can be 10kg, while your small personal bag is just limited to its size.

  32. Hi Wendy,

    If you have paid for priority boarding, you’ll be able to take a personal bag and an additional 10kg bag into the hold. For an extra fee of £25 at the time of booking or £40 post-booking you can bring an additional 20kg check-in bag.

  33. Hi Dina,

    I’m not sure on the reason for the price difference. I expect it will be something along the lines of covering the cost of staff loading the bag into the hold rather than passengers taking it aboard themselves.

    According to Ryanair’s website, the 20kg check-in bag will still cost £25 if you arrange it at the time of booking online, or £40 if you request it afterwards.

  34. If two of us are travelling in February and we want to take just one 10kg bag on board between us do we still have to pay for priority and 2 cabin bags each person each way?

  35. Hi
    I am travelling with 3 friends, booked our flight in September and now we would have to pay £8 for priority (to be able to take small wheelie on board). However, when tried to add priority to 3 out of 4 people travelling on the same ticket, I couldn’t do it. It seems I’ll have to pay £64 (4x2x£8) for four of us, even if only two want to get a wheelie on board? Can this not be separated? Also, with a 10kg bags, I can not add 2 for example but only 4 (for all the passengers). How come I cannot purchase 2 bags only?

  36. Hi Joanne,

    If you just have one 10kg bag that you want to bring aboard, you could pay for priority boarding for one of you each way. Just bear in mind that one of you will get to board before the other, and you will have to pay for reserved seating separately if you want to sit together.

  37. Hi Kate,

    That’s a bit of a unique issue. It this specific instance I’d advise contacting Ryanair’s customer services team directly.

  38. I consider, that you are not right. I am assured. I can defend the position. Write to me in PM, we will discuss.

  39. I was trying to book a Ryanair flight including Priority + 2 Cabin Bags. However, all Priority + 2 Cabin Bags were sold out on this flight. I then decided to pay for the Plus fare, which according to the website should include Priority + 2 Cabin Bags.

    However, it seems to me that the Plus fare does NOT include Priority + 2 Cabin Bags either, if these seats are already sold out: after chosing Plus and selecting your seat you are presented again with the “Cabin Bag options” menu, in which Priority + 2 Cabin Bags is marked as Sold Out and cannot be selected.

    I don’t understand why the website still shows Priority + 2 Cabin Bags under Plus when these seats are sold out and your ticket will not include them. Am I missing something here?

  40. Trying to book a 10kg bag for £10 but it doesn’t seem to come up anywhere on the system – only 20kg bags @£36 each way. Can you tell me where I’m going wrong? Thanks

  41. Hi Jacqui,

    When if you proceed all the way to check-out when making your booking, you’ll see a final Cabin Bag Options screen where you should be able to choose 10kg Check-in Bag – Non Priority Queue.

    Hope that helps!

  42. When I choose 2 passengers, the price goes up higher than double the price for one passenger! I get it,,,higher demand. But equally, you would think that they would give a discount for 2 tickets. My question – What if I used two computers simultaneously to reserve two single tickets, ( and even paid for reserved seating ) – could that enable me to get two single tickets at the lower rate?

  43. Hi, I have made a booking for three passengers. I’m trying to add a cabin bag for one passanger, so for the return flight that would be an extra 2x£8 = £16. However Ryanair are trying to charge me 6x£8 = £48 so cabin bags for three passenger for return journey. Is there a way to cabin bag for on person only?

    I’ve spoken to somebody on Ryanair online chat and they are no help.

    I probably won’t book with Ryanair again.

  44. Hi Ian,

    I’m sorry Ian I can’t tell you if that would get you a better deal or not. May be worth trying and see what sort of results you get though!

  45. Hi Joe,

    Sorry I can’t help with this one, you should be able to book a cabin bag for just one passenger. If you’re not having any luck with online chat, perhaps give them a call and explain.

  46. hey!
    i have a flight this friday, and i booked already the priority&2 cabin bags so i could bring 10kg with me, but- would like to add another 10kg to check in, i see it cost 10 euros post-booking(and 20-25 at the airport), but can’t seem to find the way to do it in the website.

    thank you for your help…

  47. Hi mi,

    Because you’ve paid for priority and 2 cabin bags, you’re unable to purchase another 10kg as well, as this is included in your allowance. You should be able to purchase an additional 20kg bag but this will cost you £25 online or £40 during check-in.

  48. Hello, I want to change a Ryanair flight and they are charging a ‘Change bags fee’ (£61.96) and Change Fee (£70 pp). Can you explain what is the ‘Change bags fee’? Is this a new thing? Thank you!

  49. Hi Christine,

    On Ryanair’s website I can see a Flight Change Fee which is £35 per person each way, which matches up to the Change Fee you’ve described.

    I can’t see anything about a Change Bags Fee though, not even a press release about it, so it could be worth challenging them on this.

  50. Just proceeded to check in today, using the app, I could not find a way of avoiding seat selection and the relative fees, where did i go wrong? I went back in the app as much as i could, but I ended up having to select and pay each time. Felt conned once again by this airline

  51. Hi William,

    If you don’t wish to pay to select your seats, you can only check-in 48 hours before departure.

    Hope this helps!

  52. Hi I am booking for 4 passengers with Ryan air but only 1 wants hold luggage. The website only seems to allow for all wanting the same bags. Am I missing something ?

  53. Hi Jack,

    This sounds like a similar problem to one Joe was having in the comments above. I’m not sure on the solution but would recommend putting it to Ryanair customer services.

  54. Hi Tej,

    When we reached out to Ryanair for an answer to this, they said:

    “2 items of baby equipment are carried free of charge per child – 1 is the pushchair plus one of the following items: car seat, booster seat or travel cot. On arrival at the airport the 2 free items of baby equipment can be tagged for travel at a Bag Drop Desk, which closes 40 minutes before the scheduled flight departure time. Children’s pushchairs can be used up to the aircraft steps and after landing the pushchair will be available at the aircraft steps (provided local conditions permit this).”

    I asked to confirm this would apply to a 4-year-old and not just a baby, and they confirmed this was the case.

  55. Hi! If you are a group flying with Ryanair but only want 1 hold luggage/ hand luggage. This can not be done on the Website but I have found that this is possible with their APP

  56. Hi Anne Marie,

    In January, Ryanair changed Priority Booking from being a flat fee to being between £6 and £10. They haven’t made a public announcement on why the cost fluctuates, but when we reached out to Ryanair, they simply said that “the fee will depend on the flight date and route.”

  57. I have booked 10 kg for check in and then decided I needed 20kg. Is it correct that you cannot change one for the other and that as I now have 30kg I cannot put 30kg all in the same case ?

  58. I have purchased 10kg and 20kg mistakenly, I had wanted to exchange the 10for the 20. Is it correct that you cannot do this ? Also I asked if I could put more weight in the 20kg as I have paid for 30kg. This was also declined and I was just wondering why ?
    Thank you

  59. Hi Alexandra,

    Ryanair are normally quite firm on not handing out refunds, so if you purchase the 10kg bag and then decide later you want 20kg, you’ll be forced to pay for both as you have.

    When we reached out to Ryanair for more information they explained the following:

    “You cannot put 30 kg in one single bag. You can take 1*10 checked bag and 1*20 kg checked bag, both will be put on hold and you can collect them after your departure at the collection department.”

    I would suggest bringing two bags in order to get your money’s worth for what you have paid already.

  60. So what happens if it’s an adult travelling with 2 kids? 3 passengers, 2 of them with a cabin bag and priority but the third one, a child, doesnt bring a small cabin bag but obviously will want to board the plane with his mum and daughter. What then??

  61. Hi Esther,

    From the Ryanair website:

    “It is mandatory for children under 12 (excl. infants) to be seated next to an adult they are travelling with. In order to minimise customer costs, Ryanair allows a free allocated seat to a maximum of four children per one adult that purchases a seat. It will not be mandatory for any other adults or teenagers in the booking to reserve a seat; however they may choose to do so.”

  62. why is it that i book my wife and myself at the same time on the same booking yet allocated seats far apart on the plane, ( now explain how that is NOT money making rip off tactics )

  63. Hi! I booked two non-priority tickets without knowing the qonsequences about 2 weeks ago. Can I change my booking if there are any availale priority tickets?? And if so how much extra money do i have to pay for each priority ticket?

  64. Hi Athos,

    You can add Priority & 2 Cabin Bags at the time of check-in – just click “Add to Trip” and follow the steps. You can purchase Priority & 2 Cabin Bags on the web up to 2 hours pre-departure or on the go using the Ryanair app up to 30 minutes before your flight departs.

    Hope that helps!

  65. Hello it’s my frist holiday I have a 10kg bag it’s non priority will I not have to pay anything

  66. Hi Lucy,

    You can take one 40cm x 20cm x 25cm bag of any weight into the cabin free of charge, as long as it fits under the seat in front.

    If your 10kg bag is bigger than these measurements, you will need to pay between £10 and £12 to have this bag checked in to the hold.

  67. To extract even more money from you, you can not add a 10kg bag to one leg of your return flight. You are forced to pay double. For both outbound and inbound flights. Well, you can call the airline to do that, but it will still cost you! This is bizarre!

  68. I’d like to ask 2 things:
    1. re the 10 kg bag, will it be free of charge if it fits the measurements but is a wheelie bag?
    2. re the check-in on the way back, is it possible to do that simultaneously to the check-in before I leave? i.e. do both check-ins before I leave?

  69. Hi! I bought non priority ticket and now as I can see there is no available priority any more. I would like to add 10 kg baggage but also I don’t see option where to add!!. When I go to my booking the options that are offered to me are seat selection, add 20 kg, etc. But there is no option for 10 kg? Where to add it?

    thank you

  70. Hi Roberta,

    1) If you only have one bag, as long as it is 40cm x 20cm x 25cm or less (including wheels and handles), it can count as your small personal bag regardless of weight. If it is counting as your 10kg hold bag, it must weight less than 10kg including wheels.
    2) If you have not purchased a seat you can check-in 48 hours before each flight, so you will need to check-in again within 48 hours of your return flight. If you’ve purchased a seat, you can check-in 60 days before your flight so should be able to check-in for both flights.

  71. Hi Mahira,

    It could be that priority boarding is now full on your flight (it is capped at 95 out of 189 passengers per flight for space reasons). However, I’m not sure why you cannot add a 10kg bag still, I’d suggest contacting Ryanair directly.

  72. Hi,
    I booked my package holiday a month ago. My partner is now not coming due to a death in the family. I am not able to get a refund on their flight. I realised a couple of days ago that I hadn’t added luggage onto my booking (I’ve never used Ryanair before and probably never will again after spending about 10 hours on the computer/phone trying to sort this out) Anyhow, when I went to add the 10kg check-in bag, it adds it twice there and twice back (for myself and partner) and doesn’t give me the option of just wanting one bag! So instead of £24 they are trying to charge me £48! So disgusted with this airline…

  73. Why can I not book priority and a reserved seat with cabin baggage only?
    On a recent booking from Valencia to Treviso, priority and a reserved seat could only be booked on the option with 20kg hold luggage and two cabin bags .I don’t need this amount of luggage. The cost is an extra 30 euros each way….! This is some new thing called Plus. For two of us that is an extra 120 euros for 40 kg of unwanted luggage…?
    Yet if I had only booked Standard with hand luggage and no reserved seat (and no added fee). ..I see from your blogs that I could have added on Priority and or reserved seat for 6 or 8 euros any time after the booking..saving 88 euros.
    This can’t be right..can anyone explain? Margaret

  74. I am confused. I have a flight next Saturday but there is no priority booking left. I want to take a max of – 10kg as handluggage though it seems the only option left to me is to pay to check it in at an extra cost of £25 each way!! Your video appears to say otherwise. Please clarify. Many thanks

  75. Hi, so, I have my 10 kg bag and the other one (small personal bag) has 6 kg,is ok? (I’ve booked 2 priority cabin bags)

  76. Hi Sharon,

    Looks like Ryanair has quietly raised the prices once again since the article was last updated!

    Unfortunately, their policy is to charge between £10 and £25 for an additional 10kg check-in bag, and unfortunately it seems like you’ve been caught in the expensive end of the range. We’ve tried to find out why the price fluctuates, but Ryanair can only tell us that “the fee will depend on the flight date and route.”

    I’ve updated this info in the article itself as well, and added a note to the video to say the info was correct at the time of publishing.

  77. Hi Larisa,

    As far as I’m aware, there is no weight limit for your small personal bag so you should be okay.

  78. Hi there
    Are the charges for the priority booking plus 2 cabin bags charged for each way? So am I looking at paying £24 for my 10kg cabin bag?

  79. Hi Ani,

    I have to admit, you’ve stumped me on this one! I’d recommend contacting Ryanair directly to get an official answer.

  80. Hi Claire,

    Yes, the charges are for each way, they’re outlined this for the benefit of people who are only travelling one way (and, I suspect, to make the fees look more palatable). The cost is between £6 and £12 each way, so £12–24 in total.

  81. Hi,
    Are they strict on the small personal bag size. I have various ‘small’ rucksacks but NONE of them are the correct size according to their policy. Thank you.

  82. Hi Natalie, we would advise that it is best to follow the personal bag size to avoid the potential of it not meeting the size requirements and you being charged. As for how strictly the rules are followed may be up to the discretion of the individual working that day.

  83. How can Ryanair justify charging 10£ admin fee for each passenger to add cabin luggage.just a way of getting more money

  84. Hi, I didn’t realise I had to book priority at the time of booking to get the 10kg cabin bag. Flights is just over a week away and tried to add it for us and it says it would be £146 why is this as 6*£8 is not £146 hope you can help me understand why thank you.

  85. Hi Kate,

    It seems as if Priority & 2 Cabin Bags add-ons may have run out on your particular flight (it’s capped at 95 our of 189 passengers).

    I’m afraid that if you are looking to add extra bags after booking, you won’t be able to take them into the cabin, and you will be charged up to £25 per bag, which is where the £146 has come from. Very frustrating I know!

  86. Hi SkyParkRyan friends of mine are in Spain and will be returning on Wednesday 4th September I am asking you for some advice please I would like them to bring me back some cigarettes from Spain(for myself) if they got me some how much would it cost for them to take 1 bag onto the plane and how would they do it?

  87. Hi Michelle,

    If they’re purchasing them in Spain, they will have to fit into your friends’ prebooked cabin bags/hold luggage. However, if they’re buying cigarettes from Duty Free at the airport, they should be permitted to bring them aboard separately, in addition to their luggage.

  88. Hi skypark Ryan, I have priory booking, my second hand luggage is 3 centimeters to wide 55x37x23 would I be able to get away with 3centimeters.

  89. Hi Hillary,

    If your luggage is too big I wouldn’t advise using it as you may be charged extra. Ryanair are notoriously quite strict on this.

  90. Hello, i have a similar situation with my baggage. They allow 55 x 40 x 20 however mine is 55 x 36 x 24 (the overall size is the same… surely this would be allowed?

  91. Hi Marina,

    Unfortunately, I don’t think they would allow this as one of the measurements does exceed their specifications, despite it being roughly the same size.

  92. I’ve never had (or even seen) anyone actually measuring peoples bags on the dozens of Ryanair flights I’ve been on. I think as long as you’re it’s not WAY too big you will be ok 99% of the time.

  93. Hi Ryan,

    I have looked at Ryanair’s baggage information and cannot find what I am looking for.
    Basically I will have no hold luggage or hand luggage with me for a flight out but want to bring hold luggage back with me on the return journey. Once I have taken the outward flight, am I able to add hold luggage to my booking for the return flight please. Thank you. Colin

  94. Hi Colin,

    I’ve had a quick chat with someone from Ryanair and they have said that if you make the booking as a value fare then nothing extra is added in the beginning, while making the booking you will be able to add the bags for one way.

    Or if you have already made your booking, you can add a return bag on later by logging into your account.

    I’m just passing on what I have been told but hopefully this has answered your question.

  95. Hello Ryan,

    I’ve booked priority for multiple (3) flights.
    Charleroi to Malta
    Malta to Rome
    Rome to zaventum.
    In “manage my bookings” there are options to change luggages, per flight and per person, so far that’s clear to me.

    Option 1: pay additional fee of €24 for a 10kg checked bag per flight per person.
    Option 2: €40 for a 20kg bag, per flight per person.

    Does the 10kg check-in option for 1person per flight make the traveler lose the option of priority; or does Ryanair mean that for an additional €24 the traveler can check in an additional 10kg trolley besides the already booked priority baggage?

    Thanks in advance!

  96. Hi Ben,

    It could be worth contacting Ryanair directly for this one, but from what I know you should be able to add an additional 10kg checked-in bag while retaining your priority boarding plus 2 cabin bags. But definitely worth contacting them just to double check.

  97. Hi Ryan,

    I am just being told by Ryanair that i can take no more than 2 duty free bags onto any flight.
    Have they changed their policy recently ? I have queried the statement with them and they tell me it has always been the policy.
    Do you have any definitive information on the matter. ?
    Many thanks

  98. Hi Richard,

    I’m sure historically there was no limit on amount of Duty Free bags, but it seems as if they have changed it. Whatever the case may be, it’s probably wise to follow their current instructions on it.

  99. Hi Ryan, Thanks for the reply. I was able to add hold luggage on the return leg of the journey by speaking to an agent on their website. Regards….Colin.

  100. Do you know if Michael O`Leary has ever travelled on his own airline ?
    If so did he have any luggage ?
    Did he have a clue as to what he had eventually ordered ?
    Was he convinced that he had paid about double what he originally thought the cost would be ?
    Did he sit with his wife ?
    Is Ryanair HIS favourite airline ?
    Finally has he ever won anything on a scratchcard ? Other than another scratch card i mean

  101. As far as I can see RA no longer allows you to pay for the 20 kg case and then take one small bag and a 10 kg cabin bag. Or rather you can do it but it seems like you will be charged an additional EUR 10. I have travelled 4 or 5 times between Bologna and Stansted over the last few years. Sometimes I booked return and sometimes two singles. On each occasion I had priority boarding that included 20 KG case and two cabin bags for around EUR 20 and more recently 30 extra. I am currently looking to book a one-way flight, it starts of at EUR 9.99 but the 20 kg case adds a further EUR 33. Not content with this increase, if I want the 10 kg cabin bag, that’s another EUR 10. Final total EUR 53, a massive premium on the basic fare.

    There is really no excuse, think I am going to change airline on principle, hope others follow suit.

  102. Hi Ryan,

    If I don’t purchase a 10kg bag at the time of booking or after and turn up at the gate with a 10kg bag l will be charged £25 as stated on the Ryanair website, what isn’t clear and not stated anywhere on the internet is whether this is one way or each way. Can’t help but feel this is a dirty trick used by Ryanair to cover up the fact people will get caught out when flying back from their holiday and get charge another £25 making it £50 in total. Is the £25 ‘gate bag fee’ one way or each way?


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