Top 5 Ways to Save Space in Your Case

    There are ever increasing limitations on the amount of luggage you can take on holiday without incurring additional charges (looking at you, Ryanair).

    So to help you avoid these extra costs here are some helpful tips.

    Top Space-Saving Hacks for Packing Your Suitcase


    1. Know Exactly What You’re Packing

    Make a check-list

    So many travellers overpack ‘just in case’, but this can end up costing you precious space.

    Create an inventory of everything you’ll need for your upcoming vacation, and tick off the items as you place them in your bag.

    The added bonus of doing this is you’ll have a nice list of things may need in prep for your holiday (so you can watch out for any bargains while shopping), as well as a checklist to make sure you don’t forget anything before coming home.

    2. Don’t Fold Your Clothes — Roll Them!

    Roll your clothes

    To maximise the space in your luggage, roll your clothes instead of folding them.

    You’ll be surprised at just how wasteful folding is when you squeeze in about a third more items!

    And you’ll also benefit from a distinct lack of creases when you come to unpack at the other end, so you can pop your holiday clothes straight on and head out!

    3. Utilise the Space Inside Your Shoes

    Stuff socks inside shoes

    Shoes are bulky items to start with, so it can be frustrating that you’re left with so little space after you’ve packed them.

    But why not use the empty space inside them instead?

    Wear your largest pair of shoes during travel, and then stuff socks, pants and toiletries into the other shoes you’re packing.

    A very nifty life hack, this one!

    4. Do a Little Laundry

    Okay, so your ideal holiday might not include housework, but laundry can be such a space saver.

    Take a little bit of travel washing powder with you (or fill a small bottle with what you have at home), and use some of your downtime to quickly wash worn garments in the sink.

    Hang them up to dry while you’re out and about and then you’ve got another day’s outfit without taking up any more space.

    5. Opt for a Soft-Sided Suitcase

    Go for the soft-case

    A hard case might be better for really fragile items, but for the average holiday a soft case offers more benefits.

    First off, the amount of pockets and compartments makes organisation a doddle, allowing you place similar items together.

    Secondly, a soft case’s expandable nature will enable you to squeeze a few extra items in and still maintain a very high level of durability.

    What are your favourite space-saving tips? Comment them below and we might add them to this list!