5 tips for surviving the airport

    Airports, we all love to hate them don’t we? It feels like you run round like a headless chicken, with people saying “have you remembered this, have you done that?” You then get the mad dash after dropping off the kids (or maybe they are coming with you), checking the pets are looked after and then there is either the rush to pack, or if you have managed to be organised, it is just a case of hoping your suitcase weighs in under the allocated allowance. So, how do you ensure that you manage to survive the aiport and all its pitfalls and get to your destination calm and stress free? We take you through 5 tips for surviving the airport.

    1. Pre-book your Airport Parking

    There is nothing worse than the feeling of turning up at the airport to find that the queue for the car park is stretching all the way onto the main road. Then there is the hassle or do I opt for long stay parking or short stay? Combine this with the horror of seeing the prices, but you’re already at the airport, not having the time to look elsewhere and by this point probably running late for your flight. It doesn’t bode well for the start of your journey. So our recommendation? Take the stress out of parking and pre-book with SkyParkSecure. You know exactly where you are going, with really good directions, you know exactly how much you’ve paid upfront so no fiddling around with payments after your trip and best of all not only is your car completely secure in the parking lot, but you’ll save heaps of money on the airport car parks too. More than enough for a drink or a snack at the airport plus lots left over!

    2. Check, check and double check

    5 tips for surviving the airport

    It was probably something your Mum always used to say to you, as well as something you tease your OCD friends and colleagues about. A lot is to be said for checking you have everything you need before you leave home. It’s easy to walk out your house or hotel and think you’ve got everything but having even a simple checklist in your head helps. The main essentials have to be your passport or other form of ID if you are travelling internally, check in details or boarding cards, directions to the car park and any other information you need such as hotels or contact numbers for onward travel. If you want to be super organised (and some would say super smug, but who can beat organisation?) then you can get a handy organiser where you can store all your documentation ready to go. Some are even labelled so you can’t forget anything.

    3. Pay attention to peak periods

    Don’t get caught out by peak periods. This goes for everything from getting your car parked, to onward transport, check in and getting through security. Depending which airport you’re departing for it might be worth adding an extra hour or two onto the time you need at the airport, to ensure you give yourself plenty of breathing space for delays. You don’t want to be the one at security begging to be let through as your flight is about to depart. Peak times such as school holidays and the festive season are always rife with delays.


    4. Weigh your luggage

    5 tips for surviving the airport

    We have all seen it, the one person who needs to do the quick dash suitcase pack and wear ten jumpers onto the plane to get under their luggage allowance. Be smart and invest in a suitcase scale, this will tell you exactly how much you’ve got weight wise. We always aim to go 0.5kg below the allowance, just to be sure. It will save you lots of red faces at the check in desk, when everyone sees exactly what you’ve packed – smells and all!

    5. Pack your hand baggage accordingly

    5 tips for surviving the airport

    To save you having to scrabble around trying to find where you put your various documents, take some time to sort out your hand luggage. Have all your travel documentation in one easily accessible place and pre-pack all your liquids in a clear plastic sealable bag. So all you have to do is take it out and place it in the security tray. It’ll save you time and effort.

    We hope you’ve enjoyed our top five tips for surviving the airport. Please feel free to let us know what your top tips for surviving the airport would be!