How Many Holidays Do Brits Take a Year?

    The word “holiday” comes from the words “holy day,” which back in the day were Sundays, Easter, and Christmas, and these were the days people would spend away from work and with their loved ones.

    As the railway system developed, travelling to long distances became possible for the common population and the idea of taking time off work to go for the trip came into existence. Then with the advancement in automobile technology, buying cars became affordable and people could go away for a summer vacation

    As the jet planes became bigger and made room for more seats, travelling by air, which used to only be in the reach of the rich, suddenly became affordable. It was the 1970s that possibly gave birth to the term “last-minute flights,” which gave rise to the holiday industry that offered package deals for overseas holidays at an inexpensive price. Did you know that Spain tops the list of countries to which UK residents make the most visits?

    Whether it’s skiing in France, Austria, Switzerland or Italy; or a beach holiday in Spain, France, Greece or Portugal, Britons now vacation throughout the world. Unless you’re one of the 15% that prefer a traditional seaside resort, that is!

    According to a recent study, an average British family spends about a quarter of their annual disposable income (about £6,000) on holidays.

    Take a look at the infographic below to find out exactly how many holidays Brits take each year, as well as where they go and what kind of holidays they prefer.

    Huge thanks to Complete Holiday Homes for carrying out this research!

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