Frequently Asked Questions

See below for our most commonly asked questions. If you'd like to ask anything else, please contact us directly.

Car Park Information

How secure are the car parks?

Look for the ParkMark award. By choosing a Park Mark Safer Parking facility you will benefit from a car park that has been inspected by a specially trained police officer; uses modern security systems such as alarms and/or CCTV; and is regularly visited and re-assessed for inspections to maintain the Park Mark award.

Do I need to leave my car keys?

This depends on the car parks service you have booked, please check the More Info on the website prior to booking and the Important Info on your Booking Confirmation. If you are unsure prior to booking please contact our customer services team via email or live chat.

What does gate price mean?

Gate price is the term used to mean paying on arrival or onsite. These prices are from 10% to as much as 60% higher than the pre-booked price online.

What is on-airport car parking?

This is when the car park is situated within the airport perimeter. On-airport car parking is usually the closest service to the terminal, with the shortest transfer times.

What is off-airport car parking?

Off-airport car parks are services that operate outside of the airport perimeter and are generally owned by private car parking companies. A shuttle bus is required to take you to and from the airport terminal.

What is meet and greet/chauffeur/valet parking?

This is one of the most convenient car parking services — you can simply drive to the airport terminal where you will be met by a fully-insured chauffeur who will take your vehicle to a secure storage facility for the duration of your trip. Your vehicle will be waiting at the terminal on your return. Arrival and departure procedures apply.


Prior to Booking

What time should I arrive at the car park?

Please check your flight details and allow enough time to arrive prior to check-in.

Why pre-book?

Our prices are up to 60% cheaper than the gate price so you will make a huge saving by booking in advance. You also have the peace of mind that a space is reserved for you to make sure the start of your holiday runs smoothly.

Can I pay on arrival?

As SkyParkSecure is a pre-booking agency, all Customers are required to pay in advance for their airport parking.

Why is a week calculated as 8 days and two weeks calculated as 15 days?

Our website takes the day you are departing and the day you are returning as whole days therefore a two week trip would be 15 days inclusive. This is based on all car park pricing structures.


Making a Booking

Can I book short notice?

Yes, the most important thing if you do this is to print off your booking confirmation email or ensure you have it fully visible on your phone to take with you to the car park.

Is there an extra discount for booking more than one vehicle at a time?

Discounts are applied to all vehicles but only one booking fee is charged when booking in more than one vehicle at a time.

What do I do once I have booked?

Once a payment has been taken and your booking has been successful, you will be able to view and print off your booking confirmation with complete instructions.

Do I have to give my email or telephone numbers?

Your email address is required to send your booking confirmation, unless you have booked by telephone and request your booking confirmation by post. Your mobile telephone number is required for all meet and greet bookings and a booking cannot be processed without it.

How secure is the website when making a payment?

All online payments are made through the secure payment system Payments are certified by and approved by several leading financial institutions. Their systems and security controls are based on current industry standards. There are several layers of technology in place to ensure the confidentiality, authentication and integrity of your information. CAVU Ecommerce (EMEA) Limited is also PCI compliant and can supply a certificate upon request.

Can I book by telephone?

Unfortunately, due to working from home in line with the current government guidance, we do not have access to our telephone lines to take bookings from home.


After Booking

How do I obtain a VAT or credit/debit card receipt?

Please contact our customer service team via live chat e-mail with your booking reference.



I need to change my vehicle details

You can change your vehicle details online by logging into the members area at up to 72/24 hours before your arrival into the car park, dependent on the amendment terms. If you are amending these details within the final 72 hours then please check the arrival procedure on your booking confirmation and advise the car park or meet and greet team on your arrival.

I need to change the terminal on my booking

This information is an important part of your booking, especially if you have booked meet and greet and/or a terminal-specific parking option (i.e. the terminal is in the title of the service you have purchased). If you are amending these details up to 72 hours prior to your arrival date then please contact us as we can amend the booking, where possible, in line with our Terms and Conditions and inform the car park. If you need to amend the terminal within the final 72 hours prior to your arrival date, please contact the parking operator directly; their contact telephone number can be found on your booking confirmation underneath arrival procedure.

I need to change the date/time on my booking

Please contact our customer services team via live chat or email, and they will be happy to assist you.


Booking Confirmation

I have not received my Booking Confirmation

All our Booking Confirmations are sent immediately upon completion of booking, if you are unable to locate it in your inbox please check any Promotion/Junk/Spam folders you have in case it has been filtered out there. If you still cannot locate your email then log on to your online account and request a copy to be resent.

I've lost my booking confirmation

You can log on to your online account and request a copy of your confirmation to be sent.

I cannot print my confirmation, what do I do?

It is important to ensure that you have access to your Booking Confirmation. If you cannot print off your Booking Confirmation please ensure it is fully visible on a Smart Phone or device so all of the information, directions and procedures are available to you.

Can you confirm my booking by post?

We are not currently able to send booking confirmations via post due to COVID-19


On the day of travel

I am on my way to the airport and trying to call you to confirm my final meet arrangements with the meet and greet team

Please check your booking confirmation — underneath the arrival procedure there is a telephone number for the meet and greet provider that you have booked. SkyParkSecure is a booking agent, so it is not us who will be meeting you.

How long will I have to wait for the shuttle bus?

This depends on the park and ride service you have booked. Some of the shuttles run on a continous loop, others run on demand. Waiting times vary but should never be longer than 20 minutes.



What happens if we return early?

Please contact the car park or provider to inform them of your early return. Refunds cannot made for part or unused stays. The car park contact details are on your booking confirmation.

What do I do if I want to cancel my booking?

Please log into your online account at or contact our Customer Service Team by email to request a cancellation (Office hours only - Monday–Friday 9am–5pm, Wednesday 9:30am–5pm). Please note that cancellation requests can only be accepted within office hours and are subject to our notice periods (see Terms and Conditions). Cancellation is not applicable to Non-Cancellable and/or Non-Amendable products.

What is a Refund Notice Period?

72 hours notice prior to departure must be given unless you have purchased Cancellation Cover. Additionally, if you do not comply with on-screen booking requirements (e.g. phone for availability) and who have been unable to park will not be subject to a refund. Booking Fees and SMS/MMS charges are non-refundable. No refund is available for unused part stays. Please refer to our terms and conditions for more information. Please note our office hours are: Monday–Friday 9am–5pm, Wednesday 9:30am–5pm.

How long does it take to get to the airport from the car park?

Please check the "More Info" on the quote page or your Booking Confirmation if you have already booked.

How do I make a complaint?

We take all complaints seriously. Please send your complaints by email to or post to The Customer Service Team, CAVU Ecommerce (EMEA) Limited, 6th Floor Olympic House, Manchester Airport, Manchester, England, M90 1QX. You should receive a response from ourselves within 7 working days confirming receipt of your complaint. Please note: Skyparksecure is a booking agent only and cannot be held responsible for any complaints in relation to damage or the service itself. Clients are to contact the individual car parking companies directly in these cases before leaving the car park.

Hotel Information

Can you tell me the name or location of the Undercover hotel?

The Undercover hotels are priced at a special and exclusive rate and remain a mystery until the booking has been made. Be rest assured that all of the hotels have 3 to 4 star ratings and you will make a saving on the normal price. Please check individual hotels for cancellation and amendment status.

The undercover hotels say they are 0 miles does that mean they are onsite?

No. We do not know which hotel you are going to get before you book so we do not enter the mileage, onsite hotels will say on the airport in the distance section.

Do the hotels accept pets?

Some hotels do allow pets. If you're not sure whether the hotel you want to book accepts pets, please email and we'll contact them to check.


Prior to Booking

Can I stay for less than 8 days or more than 15?

Our parking packages are based on 8 or 15 days parking only, if you are travelling for less days you can leave the car park but must pay for the 8 days when booking, any additional parking days will be payable on your return to the car park at their own daily rate.

Are the prices per person?

The prices are based on per room per night.

How do I book for two couples with parking?

All bookings that include parking must be booked individually.

Can I book to stay at the hotel on my return?

At the present time hotel stays are only available for the outbound flight not the return.

What night do I book for if I am arriving in the early hours of the morning?

You'll need to book the room for the night before. For example if you will not be arriving at your hotel until 3am on the 23rd December, the night of the 22nd December will need to be booked for your overnight stay.

Do I have to pay in full when making the booking?

Yes. All payments are taken at the time of the booking being made.


After Booking

What is the cost of cancelling my hotel booking?

All cancellations are charged at £10.00 pounds per room. Please note that some bookings cannot be amended or cancelled, these will be noted in red prior to booking and confirmed on your paperwork.

How can I get a second copy of my booking?

Please contact our customer service team via live chat or email and we will resend a copy by email, post or both.

How do I amend my hotel booking?

Please contact our customer service team via live chat or email with the request and we will do our best to make the change with you.

Lounge info

How long can I stay at the lounge?

The usually amount of time you can stay for is 3 hours. But please check the more info for times and length of stay.

What time can I arrive at the lounge?

Please check the more info for opening/closing times.

How many people can I book the lounge for?

Groups of more than seven cannot be booked without prior authorisation of the lounge (including groups made with multiple bookings).

What services does the lounge provide?

All lounges will have free drinks and snacks, free newspapers and magazines, and TV. In addition, there may be anything from hot food to a children's play area, but this depends on the lounge. To find out what facilities the lounge you are interested in has, look on the product page or do a search and click the more info.

What is the dress code for the lounges?

The dress code in all airport lounges is smart casual - so no baseball caps, shorts or football shirts.

Are children allowed in the lounge?

It depends on the lounge. Some lounges do not accept children under 12. Click the 'more info' link for the lounge you are interested in to find out.

Are there disabled facilities at the lounge?

By law, all airport lounges have to be accessible to disabled people and have disabled toilets. Click the 'more info' link for the lounge you are interested in to find out about its facilities.

Can I smoke at the lounge?

We are sorry but all lounges are non-smoking.

How do I find the Airport Lounge?

Directions will be given on your booking confirmation. You can also get directions to the lounge by clicking on the more info link.


Prior to Booking

Are the Prices per person?

Yes the prices are based on a per person basis.

Can I book to stay at the lounge on my return?

Yes, please enter the date and time you wish to use the lounge.

Do I have to pay in full when making the booking?

Yes. All payments are taken at the time of the booking being made.


After Booking (cancellation/amendment etc)

What is the cost of cancelling my lounge booking?

The cancellation period is 72 hours, cancellations under this period will be charged in full.

Do I have to pay in full when making the booking?

Yes. All payments are taken at the time of the booking being made.

How do I amend my lounge booking?

Please contact our customer service team via live chat or email with the new details.

How can I get a second copy of my booking?

Please contact our customer service team via live chat or email and we will resend a copy by email, post or both.