What Are the Advantages Of Travelling With Kids In The Winter?

    Winter BabyWhen we think about a holiday, we probably imagine soaking up the sunshine while knocking back a beer or two with the kids splashing about in the pool. After all, the busy summer season is when the vast majority of tourists venture out the borders of the UK. Families tend to keep themselves within summer holidays due to the kids being off school. What many parents don’t realise, is that early spring or winter holidays can be an even better time to travel. This post will be highlighting the advantages of travelling outside the box.

    Winter Schedules

    Firstly, If you are wanting to visit the capitals or larger cities, winter and summer train and museum schedules won’t vary much throughout the year. With all the locals living in the cities all the restaurants will still be open so you can still tuck into a full English breakfast with all the trimmings in the mornings. I would never turn down an opportunity to travel at any time of the year but of course we are restricted to the school holidays. If you’re planning a big family trip abroad, don’t be afraid to think beyond the summer months on the calendar—winter or early spring can be a great time for a trip to Europe!

    Less Crowding

    Fewer visitors mean shorter queues and less crowded attractions which makes it much easier to travel with children who aren’t always patient with long waits. Large cities are always going to be buzzing with life and many of the most popular attractions will still have high volumes of visitors during the winter. Of course you can’t forget about the journey there, shorter lines at check-in areas, having room to sit in the waiting area.

    Cutting Back With The Costs

    Since it’s considered off-season, costs from airfare to accommodations are going to be greatly reduced during the winter which makes a holiday massively more affordable for a family. You’ll also get to see other countries winter markets and how they bring in the New Year. You are also much more likely to stumble upon a true bargain during the winter than they are during the more popular seasons. Last November me and my family travelled to Italy and it was absolutely beautiful. For a family of four we have a great deal so there is no reason why you cant. You could also bag yourself a great deal on Airport Parking by using the code COMPARE for up to 15% off.

    Getting To Know The Locals

    Finally, the atmosphere in the off-season breaks are more laid-back and friendly than it is during the summer which leaves the locals overwhelmed with crowds. It doesn’t matter where in the world you are, people are going to be friendlier when they aren’t rushed off their feet. You’ll be able to get in the restaurants you want, the service and food will be prompt to your needs.

    Have you been abroad with kids during winter? Tell us about your experience in the comments!


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