Why choose Meet and Greet Parking

    Parking! Do you wake up anxious knowing that you will soon be in this position?

    For the unskilled driver parking can be a hazardous endeavour, having to drive around until you find a space, squeeze into small spaces or negotiate your way around a multi-storey car park. Take the fear and potential damage out of parking but choosing the Meet and Greet Airport Parking service.

    Meet and Greet is the easiest way to park at the airport.

    All you need to do is
    • Drive your car to the terminal
    • Hand over the keys to one of our fully insured chauffeurs (All of whom are parking experts) your car will be then taken to a secure car park
    • Enjoy your trip
    • Have your car brought to you upon your return

    Here is a video fully explaining how our meet and greet service really is the easiest way to park at the airport.


    Also to help you save further use the ‘STEVESPECIAL’ promo code to save up to an EXTRA 15% OFF the cost of parking.