Should We Have to Bring Our Own In-Flight Entertainment? [Poll]

    Airlines are always looking to save on costs. From reducing leg room to squeeze on more passengers, to getting rid of meals. But is BYOIFE (Bring Your Own In-Flight Entertainment) about the become the norm?

    American Airlines and United Airlines have abandoned seat-back screens for new short-haul planes. Instead you’ll be able to stream free films and shows straight to a tablet, laptop or phone.


    The arguments in support of this initiative is:

    1. The expense of installing seat-back screens (more than £2 million per plane).
    2. The extra fuel required to carry the cabling installed on each craft (more than £70,000).
    3. People are largely ignoring in-flight entertainment in favour of personal content they’ve brought with them.

    However detractors point out:

    1. Many passengers don’t want to bring a bulky device with them in their hand luggage.
    2. Not everyone is able to afford a streaming device, or simply doesn’t want one.
    3. If the laptop ban from last year returns, it would be a big issue.

    What are your thoughts on this new policy? Would you be happy or disappointed to see it implemented on one of your future flights?